Cambodia motorbike tours
Cambodia motorbike tours

Cambodia motorbike tours

34 Places To Visit In Cambodia

Confused about where to go in Cambodia? As we share the list, get set to have a fun and knowledgeable experience at some of the most scenic places to visit in Cambodia and explore each and every one of these riveting destinations on your vacation. Keep scrolling down and read along!

1. Kampot: The Scenic Riverside City


Besides being the land of black peppercorns, Kampot is a scenic riverside promenade that has a number of colonial structures. Also, the quaint riverside town provides a gateway to the French hill station of Bokor National Park that has mesmerizing views and a pleasant climate. And needless to say, it is one of the most famous and exotic places in Cambodia too. 

View ancient ruins at the Kampot Kampong Trach caves, go boating on the river and watch glistening waterfalls in this idyllic location.

Best Time To Visit: October – January
Places To Stay: Nary Garden, Kampit Riverfront, Candy Pepper, Banyan Tree Hostel, Maya Bunglows
Things To Do: Stand-Up Paddleboarding, Kampot Salt Fields, Rabbit Island, Phnom Chhngok Cave Temple
Don’t miss: Try the crab curry here for a lip smacking treat.
Tourist Attractions: Preah Monivong National Park, Durian Roundabout
How To Reach: Take a flight till Phnom Penh International Airport and then you can hire a cab or take a bus till Kampot. You can aslo take a flight from Phnom Penh International Airport to Kampot Airport.

2. Kratie: The Little Charming Town


Your answer to where to visit in Cambodia in winter is here. View well-preserved French colonial buildings at the little charming town of Kratie that lies on the banks of Mekong River. Enjoy a magical sunset at the Mekong River here and also watch the rare Irrawaddy dolphins in action. The French buildings here are definitely among the top places to visit in Cambodia.

Best Time To Visit: October – January
Places To Stay: Sorya Guest House, Balcony Kratie, Rajbori Vilas Resort, Star Backpeckers Guesthouse, River Dolphin Hotel, Arun Mekong Guest House
Don’t miss: Take a boat ride along Mekong River to view the dolphins in action
Tourist Attractions: Kaoh Trong, Phnom Sombok
How To Reach: Phnom Penh International Airport is well-connected with all major cities in the world. Board a flight till this airport and then you can either take a flight till Kratie Airport or a bus and reach this town.

3. Sihanoukville: The Snorkeling Spot


The spot where the United States fought its last battle in the Vietnam War is now a land of sunny beaches. Relax at the shores of these less populated beaches and enjoy watersports like snorkelling and kayaking. Spend the day at a beach shack on any one of these pristine six beaches here to enjoy a fun holiday. There are a lot of things to do in Sihanoukville like exploring the marine life, relaxing at the beaches, swimming and more.

Best Time To Visit: October – January 
Places To Stay: Naia Resort, Sok Sabay Resort, Sea Breeze Resort, RedHouse, Bake and Bake GuestHouse, Lakshmi Bunglow
Things To Do: Leu Pagoda: Enjoy a visit to the serene temple, Kbal Chhay Waterfalls: Get mesmerized by nature’s beauty, Bamboo Island: Spend blissful moments by the beach, Beaches: Explore the many gorgeous white-sand sites
Don’t miss: Try windsurfing at the quiet and serene Otres Beach.
Tourist Attractions: Otres Beach, Ochheuteal Beach
How To Reach: Board a flight till Sihanoukville Airport and you will comfortably reach this city. Connecting flights from Phnom Penh are available till Sihanoukville Airport.

4. Siem Reap: The City Of Ancient Ruins

Siem Reap

Wondering where to go in Cambodia that is popular yet peaceful. Consider the Siem Reap river and the rice paddies make this town much more than just a stopover to witness the Angkor temples. Siem Reap has vibrant night markets, silk farms, traditional craft shops, fun road tours through rice paddies, bird sanctuaries, fishing villages and boat tours on Tonle Sap Lake. This should definitely be on your list of the top 30 places to visit in Cambodia. Angkor Wat temples, Bayon and Angkor Thom are some of the best places to visit in Siem Reap.

Best Time To Visit: November – March
Places To Stay: Xing Angkor Hotel, Ta Prohm Hotel, Chronicle Angkor Hotel, The Privilege Boutique, The Privilege Boutique
Don’t miss: Rejuvenate yourself at the oldest Buddhist temple at the Wat Bo village. Also don’t forget to watch Apsara dance performances and visit Pub Street that are the best of Cambodian tourist attractions.
Tourist Attractions: Bayon, Ta Prohm Temple
How To Reach: Siem Reap International Airport is well-connected with all major cities in the world. All you need to do is to board a flight and you will reach this city.

5. Koh Ker: The Temple With A Legend

Koh Ker

Explore the innumerable temples at Koh Ker that lies to the northeast of the Siem reap town. Koh Ker is known as one of the best places in Cambodia. The temples in Koh Ker are one of the famous Cambodia tourist spots. The temple complex here is around 3 km long and consists of a number of temples and is considered one of the places to see in Cambodia.

Start with the sandstone Neang Khmao temple that is shaped like a stupa and lies on a small hill. Other temples worth visiting here are the main complex of the Koh Ker temple, the Pram temple, Chen temple, the Preng well and the Kuk temple. According to local legend, if you drop a coconut at the well at the Koh Ker temple it will appear at the pond near Neang Khmao temple.

Best Time To Visit: October – February
Don’t miss: The 30 m Prasat Thom complex that rises majestically over the surrounding jungle.

6. Phnom Penh: The City Of The Brahma’s Faces

Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh still retains its charm as the leafy capital city of Cambodia with its palaces and wats. Located at the conjunction of three grand rivers- the Tonle Sap, the Mekong and the Bassac river, this city now houses a number of hotspots like cool cafes and bustling bars. It is one of the top Cambodia tourist places.

French colonial houses lie nestled besides roadside pagodas here and makes this city one of the topmost places to visit in Cambodia. View some unique Khmer artifacts at the National Museum or visit the Phsar Reatrey to pick up some handcrafted souvenirs.

Best Time To Visit: October to May 
Places To Stay: Christian Homestay, VS Sweet Home, Family Homestay, Meas Family Homestay, Christian Garden House
Things To Do: Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: Illuminating Hours, Royal Palace And Silver Pagoda: A Royal Tour, Phsar Thmey: Bargains And More, Killing Fields: Paying Homage
Don’t miss: The beautiful complex of the Royal Palace with its golden spires is a must see Cambodia tourist attraction.
Tourist Attractions: Royal Palace, Wat Phnom
How To Reach: Phnom Penh International Airport is well-connected with all major cities in the world. All you need to do is to board a flight and you will reach this city.

7. Angkor: The UNESCO World Heritage Site


One of Cambodia’s greatest tourist attractions, the Angkor Wat temple lies in Angkor and is one of the largest religious monuments to behold. Regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the UNESCO World Heritage site Angkor Wat is a definite must visit on a holiday to Cambodia. It lies to the south of Angkor Thom that is also one of Cambodia’s tourist spots. It pulls a huge crows as it is one of the sites where Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider movies were shot. The Angkor Wat temples are on of the must visit temples in Cambodia.

Angkor Wat has a 650 feet wide moat, a stone gateway with guardian lions, a seven headed naga and the Mt Meru tower. Around 300,000 workers and 6,000 elephants were used to construct this temple whose sandstone blocks were brought all the way from the holy mountain of Phnom Kulen.

Don’t Miss: The outstanding Ta Prohm Buddhist temple ruin that is the ideal place to capture picture perfect shots and is surrounded by towering trees.

8. Krong Ta Khmau: The Best Of Cambodia

Krong Ta Khmau

This is the capital of the largest city in central Cambodia. Just 11 km away from the Cambodian capital, Krong Ta Khmau is one of the best places to see in Cambodia if you are on a leisure trip. You will find a variety of temples, pagodas, including the famous Wat Kropeu overlooking the peaceful of Wat S’ang by the side of lake Boeng Cheung Loung. It is a true sight to behold as you feel like living in a different world.

Don’t miss: Since there are plenty of pagodas, you must visit Wat crocodile Hassan pagoda and Wat Puth Yetndy

9. Koh Rong: The Paradisaical Island

Koh Rong

One of the most beautiful places in Cambodia, those looking for adventure will absolutely love the island paradise Koh Rong that has a number of beaches like the Koh Toch beach. It is among the top Cambodia tourist attractions. A lot of activities on these lovely beaches makes Koh Rang one of exciting places to see in Cambodia.

Here, you can go snorkeling and see diamond fish, seahorses, sergeant fish, parrot fish, jumping fish, diamond fish, blue-spotted ribbontail rays, and squids. If you are a hardcore water sports lover, go diving and kayaking. Also, pay a visit to the rope adventure park where you can go zip lining. To witness some abundant wildlife head over to Police Beach that has a butterfly farm and mini zoo.

Best Time To Visit: October – January
Places To Stay: Onederz Koh Rong Sanloem, Dahlia Guest House, Ing Ing Guest House, Longvek Hostel, Saracen Bay Resort
Don’t miss: Lonely Beach and Coconut Beach are perfect spots to view bio-luminescent plankton.
Tourist Attractions: Long Set Beach, Sok San Beach
How To Reach: Board a flight till Sihanoukville International Airport and then you can take a ferry and reach Koh Rong.

10. Koh Tonsay: The Rabbit Island

Koh Tonsay

Koh Tonsay is also known as the Rabbit Island as local inhabitants believe that the island resembles a rabbit. This island provides the perfect break from the regular grind as it is a peaceful abode lined with coconut palms and is one of the top tourist spots in Cambodia.

There is a lot to do here – relax on a hammock on the sandy shores of the 600 m long main beach, go swimming, enjoy some delicious local seafood and interact with the friendly locals at this rustic island. There are also comfy beach shacks where you can unwind and chill.

Don’t miss: Go snorkelling at the main beach or take a trip to the nearby Koh Pos or snake island.
How To Reach: Located 4.5 km from Kep, this island is best accessed by boat from Kep. The ride costs $7 for a day return.

11. Mondulkiri: The Most Beautiful Province

The Bou Sra Waterfall is one of the many scenic waterfalls in Mondulkiri

Located in the eastern part of Cambodia, Mondulkiri is an interesting place to visit in Cambodia due to its abundant wildlife and natural beauty. As you step foot into this province, you will be greeted by rolling lush hills, thick forests, flora and fauna, and one of the best waterfalls in Cambodia.

Get a taste of the traditional culture here by visiting the hill tribes who stay in Phnong houses and use big jars and traditional gongs for various purposes. The Bou Sra and Chrey Thom waterfalls as well as the Memang Gold Mines area are must see tourist places in Cambodia.

Best Time To Visit: October – February
Places To Stay: Route 76 Guest House, Gibbon Lodge, Manel Guesthouse and Restaurant , Mondulkiri Pizza Bungalows, Greenhouse Retreat
Don’t Miss: Experience the adrenaline rush by enjoying a Mayura Zipline ride that goes over the Bou Sra falls.
Tourist Attractions: Bou Sra Waterfall, Phnom Prich Wildlife.
How To Reach: Board a flight till Siem Reap International Airport and then you can take hire a cab.

12. Central Market: A Surprising Place

A Crowded Street

One of the top places for shopping in Cambodia is the Central Market, which is mostly an Art Decoration market. It might not top your list for the best places to visit in Cambodia yet it will equally surprise you with its range of items. It was built way back in 1937 and served as a marketplace for the local traders at that time. The building is shaped like a cross with a central dome. There are four wings filled with shops selling antiques, watches, jewelry and many such items. 

Timings: Open from 7 AM till 6 PM every day
Don’t miss: The food stalls that serve authentic and delicious Cambodian food

13. Preah Vihear: The Province With Lush Countryscapes

Preah Vihear

The Preah Vihear province is known for its tropical hardwood forests and lush countryscapes but its main alluring factor is the Prasat Preah Vihear complex. Pay a visit to this large Hindu temple complex that is situated atop a cliff in the Dangrek Mountains. Witness the marvellous carved stone ornamentation as well as the staircases, pavements and sanctuaries at this temple devoted to Lord Shiva that is one of the top tourist spots in Cambodia.

Best Time To Visit: October – February
Places To Stay: Koh Ker Temples Garden Hotel and Restaurant, Preah Vihear Boutique Hotel, Sok San Guesthouse, Koh Ker Jungle Lodge, Javier Guesthouse 
Don’t Miss: The stone paved Nagaraj Courtyard at the World Heritage Prasat Preah Vihar complex that is surrounded by heads and tails of snakes.
Tourist Attractions: Temple of Preah Vihear, Koh Ker
How To Reach: Board a flight till Siem Reap International Airport and then you can take hire a cab and reach Preah Vihear.

14. Tonle Sap Lake: The Serene Freshwater Body

Tonle Sap Lake

The Tonle Sap Lake – one of popular places to go in Cambodia – is also among Cambodia’s best freshwater bodies. It stretches across the northwest of Cambodia and is surrounded by a number of floating villages, where you can witness a myriad of migratory birds, 200 species of fish, crocodiles, macaques. The quiet villages of Kompong Phluk and Kompong Kleang along the lake are also an epitome of cultural life in Cambodia.

Places To Stay: Prek Toal Home Stay, Chamkachuk Home, The Green Home, Homestay Villa Dani, Green Life Cottage 
Don’t Miss: Spot the Black-headed Ibis, Milky Stork, Painted Stork, the Grey-Headed Fish Eagle and the Spot-billed Pelican at the Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary.

15. Kep: The Province With Quiet Beaches


Charming locations, quiet beaches and friendly people make Kep one of the cool places to visit for Cambodia sightseeing. Take a lazy stroll along the shiny white shores of the Kep Beach, view the bottomless statue and enjoy some delicious fare from the seafood vendors here. And do try some delicious crabs at the Crab Market while sitting under quirky umbrella trees. A walk at the Kep National Park that is filled with waterfalls, elusive monkeys, the Stone House and Little Buddha is recommended.

Best Time To Visit: November-January
Places To Stay: Sea Lovers Guesthouse, Khmer House Hostel , Rusty Keyhole Kep, Darica Resort, Le Ponton Hotel 
Things To Do: Eating delicious crab dishes in the market, hiking in the park
Don’t miss: Enjoy an evening filled with good food and good instrumental music at the Led Zepplin Cafe at the Kep National Park.
Tourist Attractions: Kep National Park, Kep Beach
How To Reach: Board a flight till Siem Reap International Airport and then you can take hire a cab and reach Kep.

16. Poipet: The Land Of Casinos


Poipet is the land of casinos and karaoke bars where the locals join in with the tourists to enjoy a fun time. Explore the beer gardens here or enjoy some Khmer coffee at the local shops here. The Kingdom Gate at the border between Thailand and Cambodia is an embodiment of Cambodian architecture with its stone engravings.

Best Time To Visit: October – January
Places To Stay: Hak Huot Hotel, Hao Lai Deng Hotel, Holiday Poipet , Holiday Palace, Poipet Resort & Casino
Don’t miss: The Grand Diamond City and Tropicana casino resorts are a fun way to destress on this holiday in Cambodia.
Important Tip: This is the border station between Cambodia and Thailand and as such there is a huge rush at 8 am so avoid going there in the morning.

17. Battambang: The Lush Countryside

An eclectic mix of Thai and French colonial buildings at Battambang

The lush countryside and the quirky cafes at Battambang make it one of the tourist places in Cambodia. Enjoy a bike ride along the rice paddy fields that are lined by lakes and streams and learn the art of rice wine cultivation as well as weaving beautiful traditional clothing. Go kayaking on the quiet stretch along the Stung Sangkae River. A must is the ride on the bamboo train which takes around 30 minutes to travel just outside the town and can reach speeds of up to 40 km/hr.

Best Time To Visit: October – January
Places To Stay: Pomme Hostel , Sangker Villa, Battambang Resort, Sky Palace Boutique Hotel, Por Chey
Things To Do: Explore The City, Art Gallery: Get Enchanted By The Local Art, Phare Ponleu Selpak: Don’t Miss The Cambodian Dance, Gecko Private River Cruise: Float Around Battambang
Don’t Miss: Take a scenic river trip from Battambang to Siem Reap. Also try to catch a performance of Cambodia’s best circus ‘Phare Ponleu Selpak’.
Tourist Attractions: Wat Ek Phnom, Damrey Sor Pagoda
How To Reach: Board a flight till Siem Reap International Airport and then you can take a flight till Battambang Airport.

18. Preah Khan: The Royal Sword

famous place in cambodia

Literally translating to Royal Sword, Preah Khan is one of the most popular tourist attractions around in Cambodia. It is located northeast of the Angkor Archaeological Park and is an infamous imprint of the rich history of Cambodia. It was constructed by King Jayavarman VII. It is also situated in the vicinity of the Ta Prohm Temple.

Timings: Open from 5 AM to 6 PM every day
Don’t miss: Explore around the temple and make sure to look through the plants and flowers around the place.

19. Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum: For The Dark Tales

Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum holds one of the darkest history and secrets and is one of the oddest best places to visit in Cambodia. The museum serves as a reminder of the heinous crimes of the Khmer Rouge back in the 1970s. The leaders were very much involved in cruel practices in their genocidal behavior and the museum attempted to reflect the same. The rooms of the museums display photographs of men, women and children who were tortured. Perhaps, it reminds of the atrocities that humans are capable of committing. In fact, it is best to not visit the place with kids as it might be very disturbing for them. And if you are a real history buff, only then the museum requires your presence.

Places To Stay: V Boutique Hotel, Rambutan Resort – Phnom Penh, Stay Inn Hostel, Stay Inn Hostel, Dutch Hosted B&B
Timings: Open from 8 AM till 5 PM every day
Entry Fee: INR 350 for adults
Don’t miss: It’s better to hire a guide as you get to hear stories about the displays

20. Banlung: The Shopping Paradise

place to visit in cambodia

Next on the list of the amazing spots around Cambodia is Banlung. This is an amazing change of scenery from the traditional beaches and seaside. This is a part of the town that caters to all your shopping needs. It is a commercial and urban marketplace to help you take back souvenirs for your loved ones. Banlung is one of the best places for shopping in Cambodia. Make sure to put your bargaining skills to good use while buying anything from the shops around. It is also the capital city of the Ratanagiri Province.

Best Time To Visit: 
Places To Stay: Yeak Loam Hotel, Coffee Tanam Resort , Terres Rouges Lodge, Bee Bee’s Chalets, Ratanak Tep Rithea homestay  
Things To Do: River rafting and tubing, wildlife tours
Don’t miss: Explore around and make sure to visit the Yak Lom Crater Lake.
Tourist Attractions: Katieng Waterfall, Kachanh Waterfall
How To Reach: Board a flight till Phnom Penh. International Airport and then hire a cab till Banlung.

21. Virachey National Park: The Wildlife Spot

wildlife in cambodia

The Virachey National Park is one of the most beautiful nature spots around in Cambodia. The wildlife around the place is more than enough to keep the kids and the adults enticed. It is also rich in not just wildlife but fountains, waterfalls, and mountains as well. It is home to some of the extravagant timberlands and savannah and the bamboo bushes around definitely catch the attention of the visitors.

Best Time To Visit: October – February 
Don’t miss: Make sure to go trekking through the wilderness and experience the vivid range of wildlife around.

22. National Museum of Cambodia: For A Unique Collection

National Museum

Home to one of the finest Khmer sculpture collections, it is one of the top museums in Phnom Penh, the capital. Considered as the best places to visit in Cambodia, if you are a history enthusiast or looking to explore the culture of this beautiful Asian country to its fullest. One of the first things to see in the museum includes a bronze reclining Vishnu statue. And as you take a look further into the museum, you get to see the ancient Angkorian structures and pieces of ultimate cultural significance.

Places To Stay: The Plantation Urban Resort and Spa, TAO Riverside Residence, Sla Boutique Hostel, Saravoan Royal Palace, Blue Lime Phnom Penh
Timings: Open from 8 AM till 5 PM every day
Entry Fee: INR 700
Don’t miss: The odd scriptures of animals, Gods and rulers from the past

23. War Museum:  The Civil War Memorial

ancint musuem in cambodia

If history and the varying happenstances dating back is something that tickles your senses, you would definitely want to visit the War Museum. The museum is like a perfect time machine to take you back to the days of the war that the place witnessed. From jet fighter planes to artillery guns, the varying range of rich history is what one needs to witness around.

Timings: Open from 8 AM till 5:30 PM every day
Don’t miss: Get a guide around the museum because it is the soldiers who explain you about the place.

24. Bamboo Island: The Busiest Island

island in cambodia

The Bamboo Island is one of the most popular sightseeing spots around in Cambodia. Also known as Koh Russei, this is one of the busiest islands in the entirety of Thailand and Cambodia with tourists infiltrating the place. Even though the island is quite quaint, the tourism around is beyond amazing for you to look into.

Don’t miss: Make sure to indulge in the local food and culture during the evenings on the beach. Also, indulge in the Khmer dance done by the locals.

25. Landmine Museum: The Weapon Spot

Landmine Museum

Yet another one of the unique and amazing museums around Cambodia is the Landmine Museum. This museum, just as the name suggests, is the perfect place to explore around knowing every little nitty gritty about landmines, their usage and even the risks associated with them. You can also witness a wide range of weapons around in showcase. There is also a relief camp located just behind the museum.

Places To Stay: Bong Thom Forest Lodge, The Bong Thom Homestay, Dontrei Villa Angkor, Jaya House River Park, Yanick’s Angkor Cottage
Timings: Open from 7:30 AM till 5:30 PM every day
Don’t miss: Go visit the relief camp behind and meet the small kids who are taken care of there.

26. Bayon Temple: The Ancient Architecture Marvel

famous temple in cambodia

The Bayon temple is one of the most beautiful renditions of the intricate art and architecture around in Cambodia. It is located in the popular site of Angkor Thom, the capital of the Khmer empire. This ancient temple is part of the rich history of the place and holds a significant place in the tourism of Cambodia. The gigantic face designs on the walls of the building are what makes it step out as one of the best places to visit.

Places To Stay: Sok Phen Homestay, Shintana Saya Residence, Green Empire Resort, Templation Hotel, Grand Venus La Residence
Don’t miss: Make sure to explore the entire temple around and pay close attention to the detailing and intricate architecture that majority of the people rave about.

27. Bokor Hill Station: The Quaint Resort Town

Bokor Hill Station

Another one of the must-visit attraction is the Bokor Hill Station. Built back in the 1920s, this hill station served as a quaint resort town for the famous French fighters who resided in the area. The best thing about the place is the eerie feeling around because of the dense blanket of fog that covers the environment.

Don’t miss: Walk along the place and explore the local places. If required, feel the chills and the amazing weather.

28. Silver Pagoda: The Temple Of The Emerald Buddha

famous pagoda in cambodia

Also popularly known as the Wat Preah Keo and the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, the Silver Pagoda is situated inside the Royal Palace compound. The manicured gardens and the majestic royal statues and structures add to the authority of the place even further.

Places To Stay: The Plantation Urban Resort and Spa, PAVILION, Penh House & Jungle Addition, Saravoan Royal Palace, Hotel Emion Phnom Penh
Timings: 7:30 AM to 11 AM and 2 PM to 5 PM
Don’t miss: Explore the entire place around, with a special focus on the popular Italian marble staircase and the Emerald Buddha.

29. Ta Prohm: The Temple With Unexplored Ruins

Ta Prohm

If unexplored places and ruins intrigue you, you are definitely going to love visiting Ta Prohm. It is one of the most popular Angkor sanctuaries and is one of the most celebrated spots following Angkor Wat. The entire place is not just encapsulated by wilderness but the amazing majority of landmarks around the place further do add to the amazing beauty of the place.

Don’t miss: Explore the wilderness around and walk through the dense presence of the banyan and kapok trees around.

30. Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center: The Wild Spot

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue

For the wildlife lovers the Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue will be a perfect place to head to in Cambodia. Spread across an area of 6,000 acres, this reserve is considered as the largest zoo in the country which is managed by the administration of Cambodian forestry. This administration rescues the animals and nurtures them under all the facilities. This place now homes to around 1200 rescued animals among which 102 species are endangered. From the endangered Asian elephants to the Siamese crocodile and Malayan sun bears, the zoo has provided a shelter to preserve the wildlife.

Places To Stay: Eco Garden Residences, Eco Garden Residences, iRoHa Garden Hotel & Resort, Rambutan Resort 
Location: National Road No 2, Tro Pang Sap Village, Tro Pang Sap Commune, Ba Ti District, Takeo Province, Cambodia
Tickets Price: $40 per person
Timings: 8 AM -5 PM (Open Daily)

31. Battambang Bat Caves: The Scariest Tourist Attraction

The Bat Cave

It might be a freaking out location, but the Battambang Bat Caves is a must visit. Situated at Mount Sampeou, this place is one of the top most tourist attractions where people come to take a glimpse of the bats. The best time to visit this place is in the evening when all the bats fly out from the caves. Travelers willing to visit this cave can take a bike and drive to the mountain top to spot the bats.

Location: Battambang
Timings: In the evening
Price: USD 3 for trekking up to the hill

32. Ream National Park: The Land Of Endangered Species


Ream National Park


Another retreat for the nature lovers is the Ream National Park in Cambodia. The beauty of this place makes it standout the other places in this kingdom land. A home to a vast number of wild animals among which most of them are the endangered species which are on a verge to get extinct. There are around 155 species of birds, numerous waterfalls resting amidst the lush-greenery. The visitors can take a safari or voyage through the mountains to experience the beauty of the national park.

Places To Stay: AZ Crowne Plaza, Amazing View Bungalows , KB Hotel, Mei hao deng hotel, Patchouly Chill House
Location: Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Price: Starting from $15 to $65

33. Killing Fields: The Massive Graveyards!

Killing Fields

It might give you chills but Killing fields is one of the massive graveyards in Cambodia. It is said that thousands of people are tortured here to death during the time Khmer Rouge ruled Cambodia. Around 20000 mass grave sites were discovered around this area and at the present day there is a statue of Choeung Ek which is adorned with skulls of the people who died here. So, if you’re a brave heart make sure to mark this place while in Cambodia.

Places To Stay: iRoHa Garden Hotel & Resort, Dutch Hosted B&B, Rambutan Resort, La Belle Residence , Double Leaf Boutique Hotel
Location: Phnom Pehn, Cambodia
Best Time To Visit: Any time of the year
Entry Fee: $6 for tourists, Free for locals

34. Banteay Srei: The Sacred Spot!

Banteay Srei Cambodia

Banteay Srei is one of the sacred places in Cambodia which holds a major importance in the country’s heritage treasure. One of the gems among the Angkorian craftsmanship, this heritage place is made out of carving out the stone which is pink in shade. Signifying the “Citadel of Women”, the walls of this sanctuary are very finely carved and its quite a view to capture while in Cambodia.

Location: Banteay Srei, Cambodia
Entry Fee: $20-$40 per person

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